NSString with format format specifiers are not getting diaplyed properly


Just started using Appcode. I noticed that the format specifiers are not getting displayed properly.  say "%0.3f" is getting displyed weirdly. is this a bug or a feature?

Screenshot 2014-09-20 12.40.05.png
Any way to get the format displayed propely?

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Seems you have a problem with bold sub-family of your font in editor.
There are two possible reasons for that:
1. The font that you choose for the editor hasn't bold set of glyphs (that is true for some Adobe fonts).
2. Java graphic pipe-line has a problem with video memory.

The first version of the most probable.
To fix the problem you need to change the font (Preferences|Editor|Color&Fonts|Primary font)

Alexey Utkin

Software Developer
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