class focus issue in AppCode 3.0.4


I´m not sure if I have some weired project setting, but the following issue if driving me nuts:

1.) I have two open document - lets say ClassA.m & ClassB.m - and I am working in ClassA.

2.) Jump to a Definition of ClassC (via CMD+Klick).

3.) Now I have three open Documents. The Order is: ClassA, ClassC, ClassB

4.) Close ClassC (via CMD+W)

5.) ClassB has the Focus. And this is driving me crazy ;-)

I would like to be in ClassA again.

Is there a possibility to adjust this in the settings!?

Thanks for feedback!

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Please try Preferences | Editor | Editor Tabs | 'When closing active editor' and choose for example Activate most recently opened tab. Hope it'll solve your problem.

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Hey Maria,

thanks! That´s exactly what I was searching for...


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