Some shortcuts doesn't work with an Azerty keyboard (Ubuntu)


I've a disturbing bug: some shortcuts doesn't work on my laptop, like comment line (ctrl + /) or navigation (alt + [0-9]). Seems to be related with the shift key on the french keyboard (need to press it to access on the sign / or the numbers). But if I plug a qwerty keyboard (and changed the layout), the result is the same. Shortcuts work well on my other machine (desktop with an qwerty keyboard). I'm lost.

Any ideas?

Note: Issue PY-2327 on the bugtracker


More strange: I'm trying to remap command and I've "unknown Keycodes" on keys ² 2 7 9 0


My friend, did you find a solution? I just switched to Linux with azerty keyboard and am not able to use Alt-1 to 9 shortcuts. It considers the "1" key as the "&" key and thus consider Alt-1 as Alt-Shift-&.

Checking "Prefer key position over key char with national input" did not fix the issue :-(.

Moreover, in order to use Alt-F1 for "Select In...", I switched to Gnome Default Keymap, which proposes Alt-Shift-1 instead, but this does not work either.



I am using

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.2 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-181.4668.68

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Bonjour !

I found this topic about the same issue on Ubuntu 18.04

(IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-182.3684.101, built on July 24, 2018
Linux 4.15.0-29-generic)

ALT-9 is unreachable as the keys is mapped to "ALT+Ç" instead of "ALT-9". it's specific to french AZERTY keyboard which put the numbers 1234567890 up with shift press so that it gives : &é"'(-è_çà.

More strange is intellij on French Windows : the "ALT+Ç" is understood as ALT-9. as if intellij read the button pressed instead of the mapped character. Thus, the ALT-9 is "working" on french windows but not on french Ubuntu.

So does intellij listen the key pressed or does it listen the character typed ?


Same issue here with ubuntu 18.04 and azerty keyboard.


Eventually, I personalized the keyboard mappings, adding alt+&, alt-é, alt-" etc. to the corresponding navigation action. Just a workaround.


I've noticed that on Ubuntu 18.04, it doesn't matter which layout is currently selected - what matters is which layout is set as primary in your system.

So, if you set QWERTY as your primary layout, and switch to AZERTY while working in PyCharm, hotkeys should work. Your mileage may vary, but please try this as a workaround.


Thanks for the trick, Andrey. You make my day :D


Also, I think this ticket covers this issue:

You are all welcome to leave comments/votes there.


Andrey, the ticket you mention seems dead, it's been there for years.

I see this thread is 9-year old too... will this problem be addressed at some point for people who don't use QWERTY keyboards?



now the thread is 14 year old… any help, please ?


You can check the issue, but it's clear it's one of the many bugs they won't fix. I reverted to Windows just because of that.


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