appcode suddenly crashing like crazy when doing a bunch of 'find usages'

I've never had this problem before, I use find usages quite a bit and I've found it and appcode in general to be extremely stable.

howver I must be running into some kind of consistant edge condition because appcode has been crashing after a couple minutes of work as I trace through the functionality of some classes.

I dont think I am doing anything odd. this is my process.

  1. I find usages for a property in a class.
  2. pin the tab
  3. look through each usage until I see another property or function I want to look into
  4. do a second find usages for that property or function
  5. when I discover something useful I add a note to a non-project txt file that is open in another window
  6. continue through all the usages of the original properties

it usually takes anywhere from 1-4 times for appcode to crash.



Dave, we'll try reproducing it shortly, meanwhile, could you please attach a crash report?


been busy today but I'll try and repro it tomorrow. now that I moved off that task it's much more stable.

but I'll get you a crash report tomorrow


tried to repro again and I couldn't. Not sure why it was so consistantly crashing and now it's fine.

I spent about a day just doing a ton of find usages and pinning tabs. some find usages were tiggered from the main editor, some were triggered from a previous find usage preview panel.


OK, please let us know, if it happens again and attach crash reports and logs from Help | Show Log in Finder)


By the way, have you tried looking in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports directory? It should contain all recent crash reports.

Permanently deleted user

Thanks for your help!
Seems that is the problem with focus transfer between Java components.
We start the investigation (


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