General slowness in AC3.x with large project

I've been using AC2.5.5 for quite a while now, on a project with ~600 classes. Upgrading to AC3.0 yielded a result that just feels slow. Everything (starting typing, clicking, looking up classes, etc) takes 100-2000ms to happen.

What information can I provide to help dig further into this with some intelligence please? (i.e: how do I enable debug logs, debug info, etc - and what's best sent with this kind of request?)


Neil, please enable Preferences | Appearance | Show memory indicator; how much used and available memory does it show, when you notice lags?
If the memory usage seems reasonable (less than 900 M), try File | Invalidate Caches and restaring, does it help?


Hi Antony,

10:24am. Enabled memory option,.
Heap is currently ~780. Max is 1086.

10:32 - lag while typing. Memory was 851.  Collected down to 793.
10:36 - again while typing. 996 down to 690.

So it appears to be (at least, this morning) GC related.
I've increased heap to 1400 (was 1200). However this isn't the kind of pausing I was seeing last night. This pausing seems reasonable, in line with GC activity.

I'll continue working and try to post more as I experience it. If I can turn on any other useful options let me know.


Thanks for investigating, Neil, keep us updated.
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do except for increasing Xmx (but not to high, since it may have an opposite effect).
Meanwhile, we are constantly working on optimizations and a few will be available in the next 3.x update (no EAP).


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