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I just had to debug a scrapy application, and after having searched a bit, i came with the following solution (quite easy in fact):

  • in your project, create a new python configuration to launch scrapy from PyCharm
  • point the script path to scrapy main script ( /usr/bin/scrapy or its path in your virtualenv if you're using one)
  • in the script parameters, put the args you usually pass to scrapy ("crawl myspider", "runserver" or whatever)
  • in the working directory entry, put the directory where your project's scrapy.cfg is
  • put breakpoints where you want to
  • push the "Debug" button
  • you're done

I know this answer comes many months after the question has been asked, but i post anyway, in the hope it will be useful to someone (or in case the asker hasn't still found a solution).


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Its been a long time since these were posted but given I've not received a follow up to my thread (http://forum.jetbrains.com/thread/PyCharm-1739) regarding PyCharm 3 and Scrapy I wanted to post it here.  If any of the posters of this thread have any insight I would appreciate anything you can pass along.



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