AppCode 2.5.5 seen as 'latest available' _ is 3.0 in general availability ?

hmmm ... after a pause i am coming back to some fun & games in iOS. When checking for update, my current version 2.5.5 tells me i have the latest available. Your web site offers me to download 3.0 .... what gives ? I have downloaded the 3.0 version, but am concerned about installing if AccCode itself seems to be confused about versioning.

suggestions ?

fyi , my license has me registered for free updates and upgrades until july 2015
I am currently running with eXCode 5.0
mpb 2011 running osx 10.9.4

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Yves, please send us zipped content of ~/Library/Preferences/appCode20, we'll try to reproduce this.

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included yere.  FYI, I installed 3.0.2 since, seems to work fine.


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