How do you install PyCharm on Ubuntu 10?

Hi all, I'm a Linux newbie. I've purchased a copy of PyCharm and I've follow the instructions on the PyCharm Linux download page and run the The PyCharm IDE run but I don't want to run the every time. Is there a way to setup PyCharm as a application in Ubuntu and I can run it like an application by going to the application then click on PyCharm?


You can edit your main menu to create a shortcut to your or you can make a launcher in the panel to run it. I do the latter:

right-click on the panel and choose "add to panel"

select "Custom Application Launcher" and click "Add"

Under name put PyCharm10 or something like that

in the command field put the full path to your (for example mine is: /home/gcollier/pycharm-1.1.1/bin/

Hit ok. :-)

Also, if you haven't switched your java runtime to the sun jvm I recommend doing that as well. OpenJDK and PyCharm don't play nice.


I wrote a blog entry which may help you:

Even if you don't need the dock fix - which you can then skip - you can just stick with the .desktop files that you can add to .local/share/applications in your home dir.


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