Feeling a little slow.. AppCode + Unit Tests

I'm trying to set-up an existing project with AppCode and also enable unit tests, but it's not making any sense. In Intellij, it's very clear about how you go about doing this, but that's not the case for AppCode.

Are there any good resources for getting started and configuring AppCode to run unit tests on a project that doesn't have any?


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Hi Richard,

To add unit tests to already existing project you need to do pretty much the same as in Xcode: go to Project settings (Cmd+;), press "Add Target" ("plus" button in the left lower corner), select Other category and choose a "unit testing" bundle.

After that you can either create a new run configuration manually, or use the "Run context configuration" action to execute test/suite/file at the cursor.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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It was actually a few bugs related to AppCode 3.x + XCode Beta 2. After an update, things got better.

Hey, that's what you get for beta right?


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