AppCode 3.0 CPU usage...

Is it just me or is AppCode 3.0 using a horrific amount of CPU (which in turn slows the UI down)?

Yes, I have 5-6 projects open, but right now it just sits there doing nothing - no simulator or anything running - and is using 75% CPU (on my 2.6GHz i7 MBP).

In particular I notice, that the UI totally dies (or becomes unresponsive for +10 seconds) when large amounts of data is being output to the console window from the app.

Should I report this as a bug?


I find this too. Has there been a change in font rendering, I often see a daemon called fontd running with AppCode, and using a lot of CPU.
It makes the Cmd+<number> to show hide panels so laggy I often press again (thinking I mispressed) and then the UI goes off opening and closing panels after some delay.
It seems worse when a simulator is running, but I am not sure if this is a coincidence.
I am pretty sure fontd is one of the culprits.


Hi guys,
first of all, sorry for inconvinience, our team is working on this at the moment. Please follow:
If you can provide any additional information please attach it to the issue.


It's definetly something with console rendering. When there is a large amount of data in output UI getting very laggy. After console clearing it's getting back to ok in few seconds.


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