Tabs after operators

I have been tweeking my autoformater which rocks by the way.

However there seems to be one thing i cant find i wana tab the values after the equals operator so the values line up.

anyone know how i can set that up?


int houseNumber =          56;
string age =                    39;


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Sorry, you can not.
The options that are in charge for assigment formatting:

1) Dialog "Settings|Code Style|C/C++/ObjC", tab "Spaces", option "Around Operators|Assigment Operators(=,...)"
1) Dialog "Settings|Code Style|C/C++/ObjC", tab "Wrapping and Braces", option  "Variable Groups|Align in columns"

When the both options are checked, the you have:
   int    houseNumber = 56;
   string age         = 39;


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