AppCode 3: can we disable the locking of files that are not in the project

I have a couple global todo and scratch text files that I use on a regular basis. With the latest update I have to manually unlock them everytime I open them.

Is there a way to disable this option?


Dave, not sure I understand the use case, could you please elaborate? What files do you want to edit, where are they located etc?


I have a text file that is not in my project. I dont want it in my project nonetheless I would like to edit it.

When I try to edit it I get this screen


it tells me that the file is not part of the project and that I need to unlock it before I can edit it. this changed once I upgraded to 3.0

I would really like an option where it will not ask me to unlock files that are not part of my project. I tried looking for one but I couldnt find it.


Dave, thanks for the clarification,
we'll add an option to specify folders, where you want to edit files files without a warning.


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