AppCode 3.0 Storyboard - Moving Views

Hi all,

(I've just revived my account after a ten year hiatus.  It looks like I have become a JetBrains forum user again!)

I have downloaded and installed AppCode 3.0.  I created a single view application and I've added a navigation controller to the storyboard.

This should be a simple question.  I have tried every key press/mouse combination that I can think of but I am unable to solve this.

How do I drag the views around the storyboard with the mouse?  I am able to move the navigation controller view bit neither of the other two views that are on the storyboard.  Clicking and dragging on one of these vies just creates a grey (selection?) rectangle that disappears when the mouse is released.


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Yes, it's a little bit tricky for now. Select the controller with the mouse - it should be blue selection. Then place the mouse on this blue selection and move.
The proper controls will be added a bit later:


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