Changing test runner for django tests


I would like to run some django tests inside PyCharm. For those tests, I need to use a different test runner than the default django test runner in PyCharm. I thought PyCharm would pick up the TEST_RUNNER variable in my and use that test runner, but it doesn't appear to and it is still using the default pycharm.django_test_runner.run_tests. Does anyone know if and how the test runner can be changed?



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Hi Calvin,

as you mentioned exactly, to run Django test PyCharm uses it's own test runner django_test_runner.run_tests, which is located in folder helpers/pycharm of your pycharm distribution.

This runner is set in file, which used to make some prerequisites for a run configuration.

If you need some additional functionality to be added to our test runner you are welcome to submit an issue to the tracker


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