CMake support in AppCode 3.0 EAP

I'm under impression, that AppCode already has a CMake support, but I can't open my (or any other) CMake project with AppCode at all. When I browse files via "Open Project" the CMakeLists.txt is grey and I can't click it. I'm using out of the box AppCode EAP 3.0, which has been released today.

Am I doing something wrong or there is still no support for CMake in current release?



Why do you think AppCode supports CMake? It's not.

We are working on the stand-alone cross-platfrom C++ IDE that supports CMake.


It's because I saw a video of a "C++ Ide" from February this year and didn't pay attention to the description, which says that this is not a AppCode demo, but a another standalone IDE.

Thanks for the answer. I'll be waiting then for the news about C++ IDE.


Sure. We are placing the news to the AppCode blog as for now. So follow the updates there.


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