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I need to gather Build(not version) information since the first version for Appcode. I was hoping if somebody can help me here on this.


I don't know if JetBrains make information publicly available for internal (unreleased) builds.  This is the best resource I'm aware of for the released versions of AppCode:

If this isn't enough information, could you explain more specifically what information you need / what you are trying to accomplish?


After the bugs are reported, there are  builds/patches which are released (much earlier than the versions) to fix those bugs. I am trying to gather this data and analyze it.So, i nneed the information of all the builds/patches released for bug fixes.


I see...  Well, I don't know if this helps, but you can use their issue tracker to find all builds that had issues or fixes assigned to them.  Try going here:

And in the left menu column, select "Filters" and then choose the "Fixed in build" option.  This shows 389 possible builds, and will let you show the issues that were associated with each.  You can also see how the filter selection changes the query in the search field, and you can just use autcomplete in the search field to quickly check the different possible builds using the same basic filter.

Hope that helps!


I have gone through the bug reports of IntelliJ IDEA. In the bug report, there is Affected Version and fixed in build. Where can i find the source code for the Affected Versions and Fixed in Build.
for example: Affected Version:10.0 (99.18) Fixed in Build: 108.1136.

From where can i get the source code of the previous versions and builds?



If you are looking at Intellij IDEA, that's a topic for another forum.  This one is specifically regarding AppCode.  Since AppCode is not open source, I would guess that there is no way for a user to get the source code for different builds.  If there is some reason why you think you it's important for you to have that, I would sugesst contacting JetBrains support directly, since there isn't anyone in this forum who is likely to be able to help you with that.


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