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Is there a way to disable the automatic save of modified files. I would prefer for the file to be saved when I think it should (with an explicit key stroke). Here is what I have tried so far

1. Under menu -> Preferences -> IDE Settings -> General - Turned off both "automatic save on idle" as well as "save files on frame deactivation"

2. I turned on  IDE Settings -> Editor -> Editor Tabs -> Mark modified tabs with asterisk

No matter what I do, if I close the IDE with modified files, it would save it all.




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Sorry, I got a response already

The core feature of PyCharm is to save everything without asking you.
Automatic saving can be disabled in Settings | General, however it
will still save your files automatically on certain actions and will
never ask you any questions.

See here why:
http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-191 .

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To save results of editing, do one of the following
   * On the main menu, choose File | Save All.
   * Press Ctrl+S.

To alert you about unsaved changes
   * Open Settings dialog box, expand the Editor node, and click Editor Tabs.
   * In the Editor Tabs page, select the Mark modified tab with asterisk check box.

To enable auto-saving on the regular basis
   * In the IDE Settings section of the Settings dialog box, click General.
   * Select the Save files automatically, if the application is idle check box and specify the number of seconds of idleness required to activate saving.

To enable saving changes when switching to the other applications
   * In the IDE Settings section of the Settings dialog box, click General.
   * Select the Save files on frame deactivation check box.
   * If the check box is cleared, a conflict may occur between the PyCharm's version in the memory cache and the version produced in the file system. PyCharm      prompts you to resolve the conflict.

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It's called "System Settings" in the latest version.


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