How to install dictionary (polish example)

How to install dictionary for other languages?

1) You must have Mozilla Thunderbird

2) Browse to Program Filles/Mozilla Thunderbird/dictionares

3) locate dic file - ex: pl.dic

4) edit this file in Notepad++ (

5) replace all bad coding and stupid character (alt + 0182)

    replace all junks: push Ctrl + R, in search type:    /.+$     (without space), replace set empty. Push [Replace Rest] button.

7) Select all (Ctrl + A), copy (Ctrol + C), set Format to "UTF without BOM", now paste (Ctrl + V)


9) in PhpStorm go to preferences->spelling->dictionary select your new dic file :-)

Enjoy ;]

Ps. Sory for my bad english


I'm working on an Italian translation for my Django project, and I want to have Italian spell checker enabled in PyCharm.  Well this is the only advice I could find on it, so I generated the italian.dic file using aspell and its close to 700 MB in Size!  Well I've tried it both ways with the utf-8 and the iso-8859-1 encodings, and in either case when in PyCharm 1.2.1 on Windows 7 I Can add the dictionary file and it essentially hoses the program when I try to apply the setting.  I can watch memory usage climb to about 600MB before stagering and the program never does respond again.  It sure would be nice to get multi-language support working for editing these messages files.


1. You don't need to install Thunderbird, you can download dictionary from the mozilla repository or Libre Office:

2. IntelliJ uses plain words dictionaries, so is better to install Aspell dictionary (, export it using: `aspell -d pl dump master` (language default encoding).

3. Not everything that you don't understand is stupid... 


Hi! I have prepared ready to use Polish dictionary file there: so feel free to use it. It is new dictionary, because I use newest Polish source from which provides probably all variations of polish words :)


Dzięki. Działa bardzo dobrze.

  1. Install the Hunspell plugin to your IDE
  2. Find your language dictionary in
  3. Download the .dic file that contains the list of words, and the .aff file that's a list of language rules (you don't need edit this files)
  4. On your IDE Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, select Editor | Proofreading | Spelling
  5. Add both files at the custom dictionary list

Since last month you dont need combine with downloading dictionary from other sources. See

Checked with polish dictionary - work fine.


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