Revert to previous commit?

Complete newbie question: How do I revert to a version 2 commits earlier?

Reverting to a previous version of single files seems pretty predictable, but

I'm pretty dumbfounded by changelists, partial changes and all other dialogs

that I don't really need.

I don't need to make any complicated replacement decisions. I just want the

entire project to revert to how it looked 2 versions earlier.

I'm doing this in pyCharm under Git -- probably should have stayed away from

git as a newbie ;-)

Many thanks,

- ikars

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Managed to find the answer by deleting all changelists, reverting to the default one,

deleting all changes, selecting all files in the desired commit and hitting revert.

Not a very active forum, is it? Not even a quick note from a jetbrains moderator...


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