AppCode - ObjC document shortcut like javadoc

for a new iOS project we are thinking about using AppCode instead of xCode.

Everything works fine so far but I am missing a shortcut to generate e.g. a method stub documentation like via javadoc (Alt + Shift + J).

The "Fix doc comment" function does nothing unfortunately.

So what I basically want to know is, if I had a method like this

- (void) testDocumentation:(NSString *) firstString; { }

Is it possible to auto-create the appledoc or headerdoc documentantion via shortcut:

/* * Test documentation. * @param firstString the first string */

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Alexander,

Unfortunatelly, this feature is not yet implemented in AppCode. Here is the issue . Please, feel free to vote.

Best Regards,


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