How to tell PyCharm that a function parameter is an instance of something ?

The question is simple but you must excuse me if I start with a long preamble. Let's say I have a class and a function that accepts an instance of this class as a parameter. For example:

class Person(object):
    """ This class defines a person """
    def __init__(self, P_cSecondName = "", P_cFirstName = ""):
        self.firstname = P_cFirstName
        self.secondname = P_cSecondName

def greet(P_objPerson):
    """ This function greets a person """

clark = Person("Kent", "Clark")

>>> Hi

Now I want to use the properties of the class "Person" to greet this guy, so inside the function instead of:


I'm writing:

print("Hi {0} !".format(P_objPerson.firstname))

>>> Hi Clark !

It's simple. What is my problem then? If I don't remember the properties and methods of the "Person" class, how do I ask PyCharm to give me a list of them? Basically I would like to write in the source code the word "P_objPersona", press the dot key and see a pop-up window with the lists of each property and each method available inside the class "Person".

For example in WingIDE I can write:

def greet (P_objPerson):
     isinstance (P_objPerson, Person)

WingIDE automatically recognize that when I wrote P_objPerson I'm referring to an instance of the class "Person", but on PyCharm I tried to do the same and it doesn't work.

So, finally, my question is: On PyCharm how do you do that?

Many thanks and best regards



You defentely can use assert isinstance(obj, SomeClass).

This works.


wbr, Serge Travin.


I'm unable to get it working.

This is what I have tried to write:

def greet(P_objPerson):
    """ This function greets a person """
    isinstance(P_objPerson, Person)

but when I try to write "P_objPerson." I'm not getting any suggestion. When I try to press CTRL+SPACE a tiny pop-up window appears with the phrase "No suggestions" written in it.


def greet(P_objPerson):
    """ This function greets a person """
    assert isinstance(P_objPerson, Person)


Aw, sorry I didn't understand the first time you wrote it.

Thank you very much, it's working wonderfully :-)


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