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Hi all,

I have been looking for the answer to this question but without success : a windows build will it be released soon ?

Thank by advance


It's a bit confusing ... Appcode is it a C/C++ IDE or just an Objective-c IDE or both ?

This link is it related to AppCode or to another program not released yet ?



Hi Vincent,

We're not going to release AppCode on windows because it's higly dependent on Xcode tools.

However, if you are going to develop desktop applications for windows, you might be interested in upcoming C++IDE

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Thank you so much, everything is clear now :)


This is very unfortunate. I got the tools suite, in part, because I thought I was going to be able to do Swift development without having to rent a Mac.

There's a Swift compiler for Windows, now.

Any chance you will reconsider and do an AppCode release for Windows, now?


Why would anyone expect to use an app >specific< to the Mac tool chain on another platform. Just use Android Studio, CLion, or IntelliJ for your Kotlin editor. There’s zero need or use for AppCode on another platform.


All I need is an IDE that:

  • Supports TDD in a modern way (which I assumed AppCode does)
  • Compiles Swift code (which I also assumed AppCode does)
  • Does not require a Mac

I'd welcome a suggestion as to how I can meet those requirements without AppCode. Will IntelliJ do that?


Also, it's easy to imagine that AppCode would have allowed me to compile and deploy to an emulator, the same way Unity and Visual Studio do for Android.


Max, TDD is a process that can be used with any language and is tooling independent.
If you subscribed to JetBrains’ suite, you have access to CLion, which handles Swift without a problem.

I’m not sure what you would run in an emulator. There are no Swift GUI libraries for any platforms other than Mac or iOS. The Mac and iOS GUI libs will never be ported to GNU/Linux or Windows. This means you can’t create anything other than libraries or console apps on non-Apple platforms.

Someone will probably create Swift bindings for Qt or GTK. So at some point you will be able to create apps with a GUI interface on different platforms, with the exception of iOS.


Indeed. Just because it can be demonstrated in any context doesn't mean the attendees will understand a C# demonstration as well as a Swift version.
Yes. CLion with the Swift plugin looks like the way to go. Thanks for your help.
It would still be nice to use AppCode to do iOS development without having to own or touch an Apple product but that's a problem for another day.


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