MAC Select text: CMD-SHIFT-ARROW not working?

Hi there

I'm using AppCode on Mac Maverick. Despite the Keymap showing that selection of text could be done with CMD-SHIFT-Arrow keys.

I can't see to get this working anywhere in the IDE.

I use IdeaVim plugin, not sure if that affects the behaviour

* CMD-LEFT and CMD-RIGHT works in code window (IdeaVim, edit mode)

* CMD-ARROW or CMD-SHIFT-ARROW not working in Find (Edit->Find->Find).  But CTRL-ARROW and SHIFT and CTRL-SHIFT-ARROW works.  I can't find the shortcut for this in Keymap

Keymap attached

Thanks in advance for the help!

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.10.47 am.png

Hi Johnathan,

Looks like it's IdeaVim that is responcible for the problem. I've file issue for this


Thanks for filing the bug report Alexey.  I found the same issue with SHIFT-OPTION-ARROW.

Added to bug report.  Question answered :D


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