Importerror when running Django commands

I think the there two screenshots say it all:

When I try to run a Django command like "shell", I get the import errors like you see on screen. I guess because of the "sys.path.append('/Users/renskers/Workspace/Planbord/project')" command?


- Changing back to doens't make a difference

- It all works fine when I run the commands from the command like ( shell)

Some extra explanation:

I have a Django project (called "Planbord") that uses  virtualenv. The Django project itself is located in a "project"  subfolder. I've used the top folder ("Planbord") as the project folder for  PyCharm. I've then used Planbord/bin/python as the Python interpreter,  which picked up the correct paths. I've also set Planbord/project/ as  the Django project root: it then saw the and  files.

Now, I am doing something really wrong here, or is this a bug?

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Problem seems fixed in PyCharm 1.2.1


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