Zen HTML support not working in django template

I'm trying to use the zen html support in one of my django templates, but I don't seem to be able to get all of the live templates that are defined. For example, i cannot do 'html:xs' to expand into the root xhtml element as described by the zen docs. I can get completion for 'html' by itself, but anything that follows a colon will not work. Any suggestions?

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If you go to

Preferences > Live Templates > Zen HTML

and click on any of the Zen shortcuts.

Then click Edit and if it's a default install you'll see the Context is only for HTML. Check Django Templates and that single entity will work.

What I'd like to know is how to do this for all the entities without having to have a clickfest for an hour or so. Anybody know?

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Ugh, this is a PIA to click through and set. Thank goodness for Keyboard Maestro on the Mac. Had to write a macro to iterate through all the entires.

There is a seven week old unassigned bug that points this out:


The fix would be having a scope checkbox at the Zen HTML top level I suppose.


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