Building symbols taking, well, forever!

I downloaded cocos2d-X v3 Beta 2 from
I ran the python script to create a test project (you can see my bolg on this at

I opened the xcode project in Xcode and built and ran - all good.

I opened the same xcode porject in AppCode and I have been watching the 'Building symbols" progress snail-aling for at least 20 minutes now - possibly longer.

While it is doing this, AppCode is all but unusable (because it's not responding)

It also shows one of the project's folders in red - which looked fine in XCode - but I will investigate that further if and when he symbol building finishes.

My reql question is - what cold be taking so long, and (how) can I speed it up?

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it came up with an out of memory error eventually and froze - so I killed AppCode

When I reopened, the project opened OK and the symbol building took maybe 2 minutes!

The sub folder is still red- but I think I can solve that one!

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Yes, the problem here was a memory issue. AppCode collects much more information about your code and dependencies than Xcode does, so it takes longer and needs more RAM. You can try increasing it by specifying larger Xmx value per this instruction:


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