AppCode and relative include paths

The parser and indexer don't recognice the file AsyncJob.h due to the
relative path #include base/AsyncJob.h. Is ther any way to configure the
AppCode parser/indexer to understand this. The code is the Squid proxy.  

#include "base/AsyncJob.h"
#include "base/CbcPointer.h"
#include "base/Subscription.h"
#include "comm_err_t.h"
#include "comm/forward.h"

namespace Comm

class AcceptLimiter;

* Listens on a Comm::Connection for new incoming connections and
* emits an active Comm::Connection descriptor for the new client.
* Handles all event limiting required to quash inbound connection
* floods within the global FD limits of available Squid_MaxFD and
* client_ip_max_connections.
* Fills the emitted connection with all connection details able to
* be looked up. Currently these are the local/remote IP:port details
* and the listening socket transparent-mode flag.
class TcpAcceptor : public AsyncJob

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you need to correctly set up the header search paths for the project. See the "Search Paths" section in the Project Settings.


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