Anybody using the 'Extract method' refactoring in C++ code?

Hi all,

is anybody using the 'Extract method' code refactoring for C++?
It appears to be broken in so many ways.. as in: breaking my code in so many ways!
I've started creating new issues but given that there's almost 100 open issues related to refactorings I wonder when they might get fixed.

How's the general experience with the responsiveness of JetBrains fixing AppCode issues in the past?
Just wondering as the count of open issues in general is pretty high.

Anywho - starting to sound like our own users. Keep up the good work, guys.


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We are currently working on C++ IDE and are improving everything related to C++ - new language features support, C++ intellisense, refactorings, etc. AppCode 3.0 will also have these C++ improvements.
Still we appreciate any complaints and bug reports.

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Hi Alex,

That's great news! Didn't intend to moan - but there's just a bunch of issues with the Extract Method refactoring in 2.5.4 that makes it barely usable in our project.
But I'll keep filing issues ;-)



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