[kind of off topic] c# ide

Apologies for the spam here, but it's kind of really tenuously related..

I make iOS games, for which I do a hybrid of unity3d and cocoa development.

You guys know how much I appreicate appcode already from the constant praise I give it.

It makes me so sad to have to flick over to visual studio to do c# development. I spent a fortune on VS, because it's the only option - I actually spent a hell of a lot more on that than I did on appcode, and I can't stand it, and jumping back to the lovely and productive, awe-inspring appcode constantly makes me wish that you guys had an IDE for c#.

I can't imagine how many c# programmers would be willing to pay even half of the cost of VS for just the code editing.. Especially in unity 3d world.. (and there's a lot of guys on mac too, and quite a few who also use appcode and have the same woeful lament).

Is there anything planned? Can you give me any hope at all or am I doomed with this constant heaven/hell experience (appcode is clearly the heaven)..


sorry to say, but we don't plan to create a stanalone C# IDE in the foreseen future.


:( :( :(

at least half my day is excellent, enjoyable and productive though :)

If it wasn't for appcode.. guys I reckon I'd probably give up being indie and go work in a big office again.


I am certain that you know about the ReSharper product...:




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