How to use a font for the text editor


I'd like to use the font 'Inconsolata' within pycharm. The font is already installed in my system (kde 4.6), but pycharm doesn't show it in the list of availeable fonts.   I suppose it has to do something with java's handling of fonts, a subject which I don't know at all.

How can I make this font available within pycharm?


  Juan Pablo


I followed the instructions here: , which involves getting a non-OTF Inconsolata, but there are some problems as I describe here:

I wish I could read the problems described in the devnet message that Kevin links above, but the link is broken now, leading to an Apache Tomcat 404 page.  I am working on the same issue and hoping to match up with other users' experiences using Inconsolata on jetbrains products.

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