Copy reference from one project to another?

Is there a way to copy a reference from one project to another?

I have some common files that I want to share between two projects. I tried to copy a reference from one project to another but nothing appeared to happen.

Is there something special that I need to do?


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You can link one project into another and share the files (Add | Linked Projects). Also you can add the files from other projects without copying them: select Add | Files, select the file you want to add, click "choose" and in the next dialog deselect "copy file to the destination group's folder" checkbox. Does it make sense?

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Hi Alexander,

That does make sense. However I'm curious what the copy reference (project view-> right  mouse on a file) menu item does.

BTW - I could quickly copy a reference to a file from a file when I did "show in finder" on the file in the from project and I dragged and dropped the file into the new project.


Dave Crane

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"Copy reference" is an action that copies a fully-qualified reference to an object to the clipboard. You can invoke this action on methods, classes, files, etc. Then just paste the clipboard and you'll get the stringified reference to an object.


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