ETA on the C++ IDE

As title say, what the ETA for the C++ IDE?


More specific news about C++ IDE will come in the beginning of this fall.


I'm looking forward to a C++ IDE from JetBrains.  I love PHPStorm and I'd like to stay within the JetBrains IDE "ecosystem" as I learn C++.  I guess I will have to use Eclipse for now while I wait...

I am a C++ beginner though and I have no plans to build iOS/OSX apps, I want the C++ IDE purely to learn and develop C++ programs.  Can someone tell me if AppCode (with C++ support) will be suitable for me?



If you use a Mac, AppCode is already a fine IDE to learn C++ with.
At least for what I've done it is. I haven't done much beyond the basics in C++, so I can't say anything about it's capabilities in for instance template programming.


"AppCode is already a fine IDE to learn C++"

Okay great!  I shall start the AppCode trial while I do my beginner C++ tutorials :)


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