AppCode not recognizing SVN files in parent folders of .xcodeproj

I'm making a Cocos2dx application and it creates a directory structure like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.47.00 AM.png

So the .xcodeproj file is inside the proj.mac folder. And my .cpp, .h files are in the Classes folder.

AppCode recognizes any changes to files in the proj.mac folder. So if I change Info.plist there, it will show up in the CVS "Changes" tool window. But if I edit anything in Classes, my source files that I care the most about, AppCode does not recognize this as modified SVN files. This does work fine in XCode. How can I get AppCode to recognize these files as being in SVN?

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In case AppCode didn't map directories of your project to the svn correctly you can configure them manually via Preferences | Version Control.


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Perfect, that fixed it. Thank you!


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