Jetbrains: any hints on release date for C++ IDE?

I'm very keen to get using the C++ IDE. My current IDE is a very very long way from what I'm used to with Intellij IDEA, and I'm feeling the pain.

Can you give any clues on when you might release it? Any chance of an early EAP release?

I'm using C++11 on Linux, if that makes any difference (but most of the codebase is C++03, so I can live without full understanding of the new standard if necessary!).



Is this question in the wrong place, or should I have done something differently in order to get a response from JetBrains?


as soon as the IDE ready for preview, we'll make announcement.
Don't worry - you won't miss it.


ok, understood - just trying to get an idea of whether it is expected to be before the end of the year. I seem to remember reading a suggestion that it would be, but that was ages ago so I figure that you would have a pretty good idea now if that is still realistic. But I guess you don't want people hassling you if you suggest a date and then miss it, so perhaps you won't be drawn on this question?


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