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Hey guys, I was googling for a c++ ide and ended up on AppCode page which got me really excited because I have used IntelliJ in the past and really like it. I read the following though an I have some questions.

"JetBrains is working on a cross-platform C++ IDE supporting C, C++ (including C++11, libc++ and Boost) to help you create outstanding applications for any platform be it Windows, OS X  or Linux.
Right now you can already use AppCode to code in C++."

Does anyone know if this will be an entirely new application? and meanwhile will I be able to use AppCode for C++ development that is NOT restricted to iOS development?


AppCode does generic C (and a lot of C++) just fine.

The restrictions are that AppCode itself is Mac-only, and the toolchain is locked into the Xcode toolchain, so you'll be compiling with Clang.


Well that will work for me! I use a mac, I just wanted to make sure it wasn'
t locked into iOS development. I appreciate the fast response and the link to Clang Maarten.


1) Upcoming C++ IDE will be an independent cross-platform application.
2) You may use AppCode for C++ development, but it will only work if you have an Xcode project. That, of course, does not limit you with iOS since Xcode allows you to create cross-platform C/ObjC/C++ binaries independent from Mac/iOS infrastructure. You will still need to install Xcode for AppCode to work though.


Oh okay that makes sense, I didn't realize it was dependent on XCode. I will go ahead and start using it then. I'm still excited for independt application though. Thank you Dmirty.


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