'statement can be simplified' highlights in editor

I'm assuming your code is pissing away some of MY memory and cpu on these mindless reminders (usually dogma laden) .... Although it can be turned off, it is still imho a complete waste of resources and assenine product management.  Please focus on performance people and stop throwing junk non-features like that at me.

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Yves, thank you for the feedback on the new "Simplify" inspection. You are not the one who wants it to be more controllable - please follow http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-8549.
Regarding the performance issues, I doubt they are related to this new inspection. There were a lot of changes in AppCode 2.5 that can degrade the performance. We appreciate if you attach a CPU snapshot.

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Alexander, unfortunately i obviously have mis-explained my point. I dont want to 'tailor' this particular inspection. I dont want it AT ALL. It is bound to be junk (dogma), and become a hornet's nest that will inevitably slow down the real gems of your product : intentions and auto-complete and some inspections (memory management, conformance to signatures, etc ... ).  

In fact, until your team fixes the real issues in AppCode (performance and useability), i feel you should stop adding junk like this that basically adds to the complexity, memory and cpu requirements for running AppCode - even if i turn it off. For example (2.5, recent MBP with 2Gb of free memory at all times) , if i type

    [_myObject re

i'm expecting to get the 'lease' suggestion before i have time to press the tab key to accept the completion. As it stands, i can stare at AppCode scratching its head for longer than it takes me to type 'lease];'  !!!!  And no, i wont put in another cpu snapshot. I (and others) are asked for it every time, but it seems that performance is just going down the drain deeper and deeper after each new build. Can you read 'Yves is loosing faith in Jetbrains' ????

Why dont your devs try to bootstrap an 'objectiveC AppCode' using this java based version ? maybe (just maybe) they would they finally understand what a dog it is becomming, not at all suited for working a substantial code base.

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Regarding this particular inspection - according to our measurements it takes only 0.001% of the CPU usage. And it's still very useful - it helps to find bugs in the program. If you don't like it, you can switch it off (alt+enter, right arrow) or suppress the warnings.

We are constantly improving the performance, the snapshots users send to us are very useful. However there are a lot of places and different cases to optimize. Performance depends on many factors - number of classes, number of inherited method/functions, used libraries, macros, templates, etc. So we need MORE SNAPSHOTS. Ideally, if you send us your project, we can see what's going on there.

We have made several optimizations in AppCode 2.5. Also we have fixed a lot of bugs and unfortunately these fixes degraded the performance. AppCode 2.0 was a little faster, but it's not because there were less features there, it's because it didn't work at all in some cases.

Some cases that kill AppCode performance - heavy use of macros and C++ templates, like in BOOST. If you don't use them, AppCode will be faster. But we are trying to make them working faster.


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