AppCode 2.5 code sign issue?

In my iOS project I have 2 separate targets for iPad and iPhone. Also I have another OSX target in project, this is my so-called build tools( I use it to choose appropriate resources, convert this resources if needed, and copy this resources in derived data for my iOS products during the build phase). iOS targets, of course has this build tools in their "Target Dependencies", so this OSX target compiles every time i compile iOS target. The problem is that every time I try to use compiled with Appcode version of my build tools I get "Killed: 9" in console. As I understand it could be a signing problem, but in XCode all works fine. Also I've tried to compile just my build tools and use it from terminal, but with the same result. Code sign identity for my build tools is set to "Don't code sign", for iOS targets code sign identity set to "iOS Developer".


Please send us a log file of the clean build. You can open it in


and then reveal it in Finder




Looks like the problem arise from at line 183. Could you please check what's the difference between Xcode and AppCode runs? You can use 'set -v; set -x' inside script to log script commands as they are executing.


I know that the problem is in that script, and there is the line that causes this problem - ""${TOOL_PATH}" make_3g -i "$name" -o "${TEMP_SD_DIR}"",
as you probably saw. So ${TOOL_PATH} here is path to my build tool, which is command line application and it's a separate OSX target in my project as I wrote in my first post. And the problem is when i compile this target with XCode all goes fine, but when I compile it with Appcode, every time I try to use this compiled build tool I get "Killed: 9" message.
For example even if I compile this target separately from others and try to use it through termial I get what you can see on the screenshot.

So I bielieve the problem is in the way appCode compile my OSX target. I remember, that Appcode had problems when iOS target has dependent OSX target, and it was imposible to compile this kind of project. May be this problem didn't fixed completely?

1. When I hit "Run" this target in XCode without arguments, I get this response: "BuildTool[83280:303] error: Error: No command, type --help

Program ended with exit code: 1" This is correct response and exit code - 1

2. When I hit "Run" in Appcode, I get this: "arch -x86_64 /Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/PocketBuddy-9857dccd/Build/Products/Release/PocketBuddyBuildTool

Process finished with exit code 137". exit code 137 = exit because of signal 9(SIGKILL)

So fails because it try to call this build tool which don't work properly.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 13.06.11.png

It seems like I got rid of this error, and honestly I don't know how. I've tried to randomly switch some of my build settings, and now I can build my OSX target and it works as expected now. But I had another issue. When I want to run my iOS application on actual device I have code sign error:

Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profiles found: None of the valid provisioning profiles include the device My Mac (identifier: ....).

It's kind of strange that AppCode search device "My Mac".

I've created sample project so you can play around with this issue. (I have AppCode 2.5, build 131.302)

When I try to run 'AppCodeTest' target, I have same code sign error. But if I remove 'Some Tool' from 'AppCodeTest' target dependencies all works fine, and I can run application on device. In XCode I can run app on device both ways.


I've just recreated same code sign error in XCode, it happens when i try to run my iOS application and select 'My Mac 64-bit' as a target device instead of iPhone device. So probably when building AppCode somehow does the same.


could you please clarify: are you getting errors in AppCode during build, or only then you launch the application?
If it is the former, please attach the build log from Xcode as well. If it is the latter, does Xcode launch the product for the same target correctly?
Does the problem stay even after cleaning build folder? (Xcode: hold Alt in Product menu and select Clean Build Folder, AppCode: click Clean Build Folder in Run menu)


As I wrote before I can't sign my application with AppCode. So I have no possibility to launch it. I can easily launch my app on simulator, but when I try to build for actual device I get code sign error, and my build log looks like this:

/Applications/ -workspace /Users/ruslanimac1/Documents/CURRENT_PROJECTS/AppCodeTest/AppCodeTest.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace -scheme AppCodeTest -destination-timeout 2 -derivedDataPath /Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b TEST_AFTER_BUILD=NO SYMROOT=/Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b/Build/Products OBJROOT=/Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b/Build/Intermediates build
User defaults from command line:
    IDEDerivedDataPathOverride = /Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b

Build settings from command line:
    OBJROOT = /Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b/Build/Intermediates
    SYMROOT = /Users/ruslanimac1/Library/Caches/appCode20/DerivedData/AppCodeTest-3a4528b/Build/Products


Check dependencies


Check dependencies
Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profiles found: None of the valid provisioning profiles include the device My Mac (identifier: BEE1AA9E-B19B-59C3-828E-0DE3944B74EE).
CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 7.0'


The following build commands failed:
     Check dependencies
(1 failure)

In Xcode all works perfectly. Did you check out sample application AppCodeTest I've sent you? Can you build it and run on actual iOS device?


OK, I've managed to reproduce this with AppCode using Xcode 5 (5A1413). But I was able to build and run just fine on toolchain of Xcode 5.0.1 GM (5A2034a).
What Xcode version do you have at `xcode-select --print-path`?


I've been using XCode 5.0 so far. I'm downloading XCode 5.0.1 now, and if it will fix the problem it would be great.


if updating to Xcode 5.0.1 doesn't help, please try this build and check if it works or not.


I've just upgraded XCode to 5.0.1 and this fixed all my issues. Now I can build and run my project just fine. Thank you for all replies!


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