AppCode 2.5 code sign issue?

In my iOS project I have 2 separate targets for iPad and iPhone. Also I have another OSX target in project, this is my so-called build tools( I use it to choose appropriate resources, convert this resources if needed, and copy this resources in derived data for my iOS products during the build phase). iOS targets, of course has this build tools in their "Target Dependencies", so this OSX target compiles every time i compile iOS target. The problem is that every time I try to use compiled with Appcode version of my build tools I get "Killed: 9" in console. As I understand it could be a signing problem, but in XCode all works fine. Also I've tried to compile just my build tools and use it from terminal, but with the same result. Code sign identity for my build tools is set to "Don't code sign", for iOS targets code sign identity set to "iOS Developer".


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