IDE Debugger Console no longer honors line feed

I just upgraded to AppCode 2.5 and noticed something very disturbing.

All the nice formatted output I was sending to the debugger console is no longer honored.

Instead of something like this which I was getting in the previous version...

var1 = xxxx
var2 = xxxx
var3 = xxxx

I now get this in AppCode 2.5...

\nvar1 = xxxx \nvar2 = xxxx \nvar3 = xxxx.

And yes I've tried the various settings at the bottom of the editor for line feed.

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Joe, how to we reproduce the problem?
Could you please file a bug report with an example project/steps to reproduce?

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Yes I'll get you something.
I'm on OS X 10.7.5 if it makes a difference.
And XCode is the version just prior to 5.0

So it may not reproduce for you if you don't have the same environment... don't know.


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