How to enable Restructured Text -> Docutils menu?


OS: Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit

Sun Jvm

PyCharm 1.5.3

installed packages (among others):





I'd like to use Tools -> Restructured Text -> Docutils menu in some of my projects, you can see an example at to see if anything is wrong.

doc type is set to restructured text, rst directory is set (although I'm not sure if it's for sphinx or for rest), but whatever I do, whenever I select a .rst file, the "Docutils" menu is grayed out.

On the contrary I'm perfectly able to run Sphinx actions.

From the command line, I'm able to run those commands which are in my path:

rst2html            rst2newlatex        rst2pseudoxml

rst2latex           rst2odt             rst2s5

rst2man             rst2odt_prepstyles  rst2xml

And my configured python interpreter can import the "docutils" module (pycharm recognizes it as well).
What should I do to let PyCharm recognize docutils tools? I tried searching the help but it just says to have docutils and sphinx installed for their respective functionality to be working, and they already are.
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Hi Alan,

have you tried to restart PyCharm?

PyCharm's trying to find script in standart interpreter and I don't see any reason why docutil is disabled.

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PyCharm seems to look for a file named , while Ubuntu just offers rst2html as a stock functionality.

Symlinking just made everything suddenly work.

Now I'll check the default behaviour for stock Python builds and maybe open a ticket if I feel it's a bug.

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I have the same problem. I fixed by starting pycharm from the terminal with these vars set: 


export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8


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