Buildout path issue when debugging


I think this is related to PY-2741, but the workaround suggested in that bug report doesn't work.

If I debug a project configured to use buildout support, eggs/packages installed via apt-get (ie system modules) are inserted into sys.path before any eggs included in the buildout dependencies.

In my specific case, there's a system module which has a bug in it. I have included a correctly packaged egg in the buildout dependencies, but the system module is geven preference and so the debugging session fails to start.

Sadly I have to go back to manually marking all the eggs in my project as source directories, which is a pain given how many there are and they do chaneg from time to time.

I'm running Ubuntu - I'm not sure if this is Linux specific and if the same issue appears on othet platforms.

Is there a work around I can use to fix this? Is this sort of issue one that is considered important and so should be fixed in a future update? Do I need to raise a new bug?


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