Show Usages: what is a usage, exactly?

What is the definition of a "usage" for Show Usages?

Two C++ situations in particular concern me. First, consider overloading:

class A {


    virtual void Mill(Sprocket*);

    virtual void Mill(Sprocket*, Tool*);

    virtual void Mill()



Does Show Usages locate uses of all three methods?  Or only of the method with the corresponding signature?

Suppose I select the zero-argument declaration of Mill and Rename it. Will we also rename the one-argument and two-argument methods?

Second, consider two unrelated classes, each of which have a method with the same name.

class FactoryModel {

     virtual void  Mill();


class RiverFloss {

     virtual void Mill();


If I select the declaration in FactoryModel, will we also find usages for RiverFloss?

Suppose I rename the method in FactoryModel by selecting Mill() in the declaration.  Will I also rename the method in RiverFloss?


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