Does AppCode support Aggregate targets?

We use an external unit test framework (Boost test) with our C++ based iOS application. Recent XCode changes to xcodebuild forced us to move from having the unit test target as a Target Dependency of the main application target to combine both the application and unit tests into an Aggregate target. The XCode UI supports having the unit test target as a target dependency of the application target. However xcodebuild (which our Jenkins CI system uses) and AppCode (which also uses an xcodebuild commandline) both fail with a error related to "Checking dependencies" when the unit test target is a Target Dependency of the main application target.

So we moved to an aggregate target at the suggestion from someone at Apple.

Currently our main application target builds a universal app (plus one dependent library). The unit test target compiles the unit test sources and then in its Run Script phase executes the equivalent of "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${EXECUTABLE_NAME}" in a shell script.

When I load the Xcode project in AppCode 1.5.4 it displays a pop up that states,
"Incorrect run configuration
Target 'Application and unit tests (<Project name>)' not found"

I can run the same aggregate target in Terminal through xcodebuild and it builds correctly.

Does AppCode support aggregate targets?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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currently AppCode doesn't support aggregate and custom-scipt targets - only native targets.
We are planning this in the next major update, please follow and vote for and

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2.5 EAP supports External and Aggregate targets.


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