Yet again : delighted and surprised by Appcode features.

A constant theme in the 2 years I've been using appcode has been discovering new features by chance that make me go:

"wow  - these guys really really understand software development on iOS".

I had that this morning, even after all this time, when I found that you guys have implemented font-name completion for [UIFont fontWithName:.....

I have no idea when you did it; but it's yet another gem, in a treasure-trove of awesomeness.

I love you guys : you make my day to day work so enjoyable and productive.


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I've been using AppCode full-time for more than a year, but I'm still coming across new and delightful features too.

The most recent was coming across in-editor previews of regex search/replace. AppCode's refactoring means I use don't need search/replace often, which I guess is why I hadn't come across it before. But: what a very nice and thoughtful little feature.

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Thanks again for the positive feedback, guys; we really appreciate it.
BTW, we have a series of blog posts covering various features and describing tips'n'tricks - you may find something interesting there.

The AppCode Team

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As for me, I am a recent convert.  As a java/scala/C++ polyglot, I have been spoiled for years by the fantastic refactoring tools in IntelliJ for the JVM languages, but I had all but given up on finding a C++ IDE that came anywhere close.  I had began to assume that refactoring C++ was just too hard?   Anyway, to my delight, AppCode's refactoring is very relyable - methodisation, inlining, introducing variables - all works smoothly, as it should do. The familiarlity of IntelliJ keybindings and crisp, responsive GUI also provide me a tremendous productivity boost.

If there are two things I cannot wait for, they are:
* direct cmake support (and, indirectly, support for other toolchains than Xcode's, i.e. gcc)
* better support for c++11 (don't let xcode's support of features guide you - Apple's clang fork is lagging in adopting the standard).

Anyway: keep up the good work!  Please let me know as soon as there is an EA program for the next release, I can't wait!


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