IntelliJ Ultimate + Android Studio - create project in which?


I was wondering if anyone had an advice for which version I should use to create my project.

I've been a long time IntelliJ user and am familiar with the Android project setup in IntelliJ.

After playing w/ AndroidStudio, I see that the project structure is quite different for Android Studio.

Any advice?  Also, if I create an Android project in IntelliJ, will my IntelliJ project work in Android Studio?  What about the reverse? (Android Studio project work in IntelliJ)?

Also, is it possible for an Android Studio project to create .ipr project files?  I still prefer this format as it allows more flexiblity...


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Android Studio is fully built around the Gradle build system, and is primarily focused on projects built with Gradle. It will probably be able to work with regular IntelliJ IDEA-created projects, but it's not something that the Android Studio team plans to actively support.

IntelliJ IDEA fully supports Gradle-based Android projects, and in the future it will also provide the possibility to create these projects through the same wizard that is currently available in Android Studio.

Gradle is considered the official build system for Android going forward, so if you're starting a new project and don't mind dealing with a few rough edges, it's probably best to go with Android Studio and the Gradle build system.

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After experimenting, I'm going to create my projects in IntelliJ for now.

What I had to do is name the projects slightly different e.g.
- IntelliJ project name = HelloWorld and has a HelloWorld.iws
- I've imported an AndroidStudio project around that source code and called it HelloWorld2 so I have a HelloWorld2.iws
- I've had to do it this way otherwise the .iws file when touched would always prompt the other instance to reload project.  Would be nice if I had some alternative to this.

However this lets me have them both up simultaneously...which is nice, I have two fully functional IDEA instances and which offers great flexibility in terms of windowing and have IntelliJ compilation speed, and the AndroidStudio multi device preview layout.

Thanks for your reply Dmitry, much appreciated.


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