Warning on a C++ Idiom

I make heavy use of the familiar C++ idiom that equates construction with resource allocation and destruction with resource release. For example:

     - (void) drawSomething: (NSGraphicsContext*) context {
          StDrawingState saved(context)

StDrawingState pushes the context in the constructor and pops it in the destructor. I can't forget to restore the state when I return.  

AppCode out of the box thinks this is dubious, warning that "Local variable 'saved' is only assigned but never accessed."  This is often a very handy warning, but here of course it's beside the point.

Can I silence the issue here without sacrificing the intent entirely?  Can I silence the issue for all uses of StDrawingState?

Forgive a newbie question and probable duplicate; I've just getting my feet.

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Mark, currently there is no option to suppress this warning for a specific class, though we probably should implement it.
Could you please file a feature request in the tracker and copy your description there?



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