General question 'find definition'.

I have imported a c++ project from xcode, which, remarkably to me, can find the definitions of most of my inline methods, but at best, appcode seems to find the import statement for the file the definition is contained it.

It is also not finding usages of those same methods.

I might have check boxed off the incremental compiler somehow..

In the mean time it seems like it needs to be told where some of my includes are since i have a directory heirarchy organizing them.

Also I notice that adding a file to a group appcode does not automatically find the directory the group was created from.

Please feel free to disabuse me of any ignorance.

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could you please give a specific example, here Go To Definition doesn't work? Maybe with a screenshot?
BTW, what exacply do yyou mean by 'incremental compiler'?


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