Link TFS work items to commit

I am trying to link a work item to a commit in Appcode. However, I am unable to see any of the queries I created. There are a few generic queries that are unable to load any work items. I am getting an "Cannot load work items: unexpected properties encountered Cannot load work items: unexpected properties encountered" error. Am I missing something?


I assumed this was a simple question - I see that TeamCity has TFS support of this kind, but it looks like IntelliJ does not? I am confused, because I cannot pull any work items at all from any query. It keeps displaying the afore the mentioned error. This is an important thing to know before my company can consider purchasing licenses. I am sure the JetBrains staff would know this off the top of their head. :)


It has been a week without an answer. I'm going to assume that AppCode does not support linking work items to commits. Well heres to almost getting this IDE for our team. Would have been nice if one of the JetBrains guys could have just popped in with a "No, unfortunately that is not supported yet."


Hi Daniel,

sorry for the delay, it's vacation time for everybody, you know :)
Regarding your question it is known issue, plese refer to IDEA-47084. You can vote for this to fix it faster.


That thought had crossed my mind, but I didn't realize all you guys would be out at the same time.

So what purpose do the queries have in the commit window? Is that just functionality waiting to be implemented?



Only several queries with specific fields are implemented in scope of TFS supporting. So currently we don't support associating changeset with a work item for custom work items types.
Seems that you try to handle cutsom work items and get the error described in the issue IDEA-47084


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