Organize breakpoints, favorites and bookmarks in some sort of working sets

Hi guys,
first I'd like to say that AppCode is really great and way better than XCode.
But there is one key feature that I'm really missing and that would make AppCode really perfect.

At my daily work I (and possibly everyone else) work on a lot of different problems, developing features, finding bugs, ...
So I debug a lot, setting some breakpoints until the problem is solved. Then I work on some other task, disabling or deleting all breakpoints, because they are not useful in this new context.
Some days later I have to switch back to some earlier task, and now I would need all the breakpoints I set then. As well as the open files, bookmarks, and so on.

The feature I'm missing is that you can create "working sets" or "working contexts" or "task sets", name it what you like, thats contains

  • breakpoints
  • open files (replaces favorites)
  • bookmarks

Each time I begin a new task I create a new "task set", AppCode automatically tracks all set breakpoints, open files, bookmarks and saves them in this context.
I then can easily switch to an earlier task set by simpling clicking on it in a "task set window", and breakpoints, open files and bookmarks are respectively restored.
Of course it should be possible to delete or rename a "task set", have a name, short description and long description for it, and get some infos (like breakpoints, open files, etc.) about it via tooltip in the list.
A good practice for a developer could be, to name a task set after the ticket number he/she is working on.

I find the favorites and bookmarks quite useless at the moment, because they require a lot of discipline and organization.
Setting and unsetting bookmarks is also quite laborious.

Sorry my English is not that good.
Did you get the idea, what I am thinking of?
How realistic is it?



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