Ctrl-Drag from Storyboard to Implementation on AppCode Projects

Hi guys,

Recently I decided to get into iOS development, and loving your products without hessitation purchased AppCode.  I love having an interface I am familiar with, however I have come across a bug I hope someone has the solution to. I am following along with the cs193p class and on the fist assingment you have to control drag into the assistant editor payne in the .m file between @implementation and @end.

For some reason any projects I create with appcode do not allow this behaviour.  Following the same steps in Xcode allows me to ctrl-drag into @implementation just fine.  Strangely, I can ctrl-drag into the @interface section on Appcode projects, meaning I seemingly can create outlets, but not actions?

If anyone has had this problem/knows the solution that would be excellent.  Chances are I am missing something simple, hope to hear from someone soon!

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we'll do plan to improve xib and storyboard integrartion in the next major version, here are a few request: OC-563, OC-272.
Feel free to sumbit your suggestions as well.


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