How do I get more warnings to show up in build messages?

I have noticed that XCode will show me warnings during the build that AppCode seems to miss or hide (or not flag to show)

In this case it is the incomplete implementation warning.

I am able to see them in the file: (I elevated it from a warning to error, since I want to make sure that I have no problems like this.)

As you can see there aren't any compiler messages about this problem:

I'm new so I might just be looking in the wrong place? Is there a place where one can see all the errors from analysis?


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Oh, I think that I figured it out.  One runs "Inspect code"

And that looks for all of these sorts of problems and reports them.  This just seems to take a really long time to run.

I'm hopeful that there are other options to get build to spit out some more errors.

Edit: playing around, this definitely works, but it isn't "automatic", so I have to remember to run Inpsect, and I have to inspect smaller pieces of the code to get it to run in reasonable time.


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